Pengertian dan Cara Merawat Power Bank

Pengertian dan Cara Merawat Power Bank

Pengertian dan Cara Merawat Power Bank
Understanding and Caring Power Bank. Power Bank is a gadget charger when we are outside and far away from the power source. Function power bank can be referred to also as a store of power or analogous as batrei backup, but for the consumer we do not need to remove batrei mobile phones, we are quite menacapkan cables as when we download the charger using a regular charger.
Power bank are specially made for people who rarely pitch into the room, and people who are often on the move. The tiny objects have a variety of power capacity ranging from thousands to tens of thousands mAh mAh.

To use the power bank itself quite easily. For charging is done as when we charge the normal mobile phone. After the bank's full power can be used. The installation also just like when we charge the normal mobile phone. For a long power failure of a bank can be used depending on the power that can be stored on the power bank (usually in size mAh).

For example, a Blackberry device, has a capacity of 1500 mAh battery. Thus, power bankberkapasitas 6000 mAh 1500 mAh battery can charge up to four times the charge. But there is also the possibility of less than four times the charger, this is due to various reasons, for example when the bank is not the maximum charging power.
How to care for power bank:

One fatal mistake was to let users power bank until discharged and then charged. It is the wrong way, causing your POWERBANK quickly broken.
Fill Power Bank is a battery, the battery exactly as your blackberry. So merawatnyapun same way with your smartphone battery.

- Look carefully at the type of battery Power Bank
- there are two common types of batteries are Li-ion or Li-Po
- Characteristic of Li-Ion batteries are heavier than Li-Po, usually more expensive because it has a longer life.
- All lithium-type batteries may not be until completely exhausted. Ideally live 5-10% of new dicas / in charge until full.
- If you intend to store the Power Bank you, make sure the capacity is 40% - 60%. Do not spent or dipenuhkan.
- Battery type Li-Ion or Li-Po has no memory effect. So you need not worry if dicas / charged 90% of the capacity is only 90%. Battery has a memory effect that kind of Ni-Cad / Ni-MH are normally used for entry level notebook.
- POWERBANK must not fall, especially the large capacity.
- 60% power bank that fell directly damaged. Because it's a good idea to protect your bank power with the soft-padded to reduce the effects of collisions

How to Fix Power Bank declares that Do Not Want Ngecarger may be useful for you all and if you are having trouble, please leave a comment below.